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Now welcoming patients with Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) coverage!

Dental Care in Cityscape, NE Calgary

At Cityscape Square Dental, we offer a complete range of dental services to help our Cityscape, NE Calgary patients keep their smiles healthy. 

Preventive Hygiene

Routine hygiene cleanings and exams to help maintain your oral health. 

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Restorative Services

Dental services to help restore your smile, including fillings and crowns.

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Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic dental care designed to alter the appearance of your smile.

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Oral Surgery

Tooth extractions, bone grafts and more to help restore your oral health.

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Invisalign clear aligners as orthodontic treatment for adults and teens.

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Dental Appliances

Mouth guards and night guards to protect your oral health.

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Dental Sedation

Sedation options to help calm anxious patients during dental procedures.

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Children's Services

Dental care that helps kids in Cityscape, NE Calgary develop a lifetime of good oral health habits. 

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New Patients Always Welcome

We are accepting new patients. Don't hesitate to contact us and take the first step in achieving better oral health outcomes.

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